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Want list!! :)
mewtwo tfg

Hello! Thanks to everyone that help me reduce my first want list to almost half, by trading and selling ^__^
If you want to trade, here are the items i have for trade: http://white-chocobo.livejournal.com/3122.html


Things i'm looking for:

  • TFG: Sneasel, tyrogue

Slowpoke time strap, bath soap/bomb/salt figures

Non pokemon wants: bewitched maquette, dream of jeannie maquette both from electrik tiki, hanna barbera jetsons from mcfarlane toys

Thanks for reading!!

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Re: Barboach handmade monster collection

hola, recien veo tu mensaje, estaba escondido en suspicious messages por el link, esta chevere el barboach :)

Hi! I am searching for Sabrina and Koga TFG! If you ever see them for sale please tell me! I search for many figures but I want these most! I have some groundbreakers so far! I wonder if you have all the ones I do!

hi, im searching for sabrina too, but the only one i saw a year or two ago was on US$300 and i didn't had the money in that time, grounddbreakrs are cool! i used to have more for sell but just a few now, you can see them in my sales post

hi! just to let you know i have koga and most of the groundbreakers for sale, let me know! :)

Re: Sabrina and Koga!

Thank you yes. I am interested in more information please.

hi, sorry, koga wass old yesterday, latias, mankey and smoochum too, let me know if you will be interested on any other of the groundbreakers figures, thanks!

Re: Sabrina and Koga!

no thank you. I was only interest in Koga and sabrina right now... who else do you have? My friend is look also

sure, i just placed them in my sales post

hi, i have a koga tfg in my sales post :)

RE: Re: Sabrina and Koga!

Thank you :)

I will keep this in mind. Many thanks.

Do you buy TFG?

I might like to sell some :)

Re: Re: Sabrina and Koga!

hi! yes, i like giving them new homes since they are cool figures, and i'm looking for a croconaw for myself if you have one. let me know which ones you have :) thank you!

Hey- check your suspicious bin!

Sent you a PM!
Check your suspicious folder. ~

Hey- check eBay,
Omarpuzzle has listed a Whismur TFG.

hi! thank you :) do you have it already?

looks like someone bought it, but it's ok, i was low on funds, thank you so much for letting me know :)

I've just checked and its not there now. I'm really sorry! I feel horrible now!

Croconaw is back up on ebay now!

cool! thank you! i just bought a mini lot to get it :) glad they place it back. and don't worry about whismur, i'm happy with sabrina and now croco!

hi! thanks! i bought it a couple of days ago in japan, i think they are reproducing it now since there were 2 in japan, now 2 on ebay, so i check taobao, which is a bootleg chinesse ebay, and they are selling it there too, so i guess there is were this all are comming from, but i'm glad i got it :)

That's great!
Its surprising how good these reproductions can be-
I bought a bootleg Lt Surge for his base and couldn't break the thing.
I noticed there are lots of Croconaw on eBay now as well-
maybe in a few years the whole set will be easy to get.

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