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pokemon sales


- sales permission granted on 26 JAN 2012 by entirelycliched

- my feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/white_chocobo/

- Items come from a pet-free and smoke-free home J
- Prices don't include shipping cost or paypal fees, i never charge for shipping materials or handling.

Shipping Info

I ship from Peru. Shipping cost for 1 single figure or light line (20grams) will start at $3.20 for america continent, $3.50 for europe, and $3.50 for asia and oceania. 50grams $4 for america continent, $4.30 for europe, and $4.80 for asia and oceania, and so.
Optional but recommended, tracking number is available for $3.20
I do combine shipping for multiple items. I do my best to insure the safety of each figure ,so I use bubble wrap and inside an envelope to make it super safe, this takes time but I enjoy doing it and its for free :) if ask by the winner, i can put then inside a little custom box, but this might increase shipping cost a little because the weight of the box.

I'm not responsable for items lost in transit, i can't do a partial refund, i can always show the recipient as prove of shipping.

- I accept Paypal
and also western union.

- First person that commits to buy, got it.
- I accept trades for the items in my want list here: http://white-chocobo.livejournal.com/559.html

If you have a question, please feel free to ask :)

Also i updated my OTHER ANIME SALES: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Mr.PokemonStore/photos/?tab=album&album_id=311298079070022


  • manaphy $5, pikachu $6, eevee $12, primal kyogre, arceus, ho-oh left $10 each, ho-oh MIP $11, silvally $11, raichu alola US$11, charizard tcg US$11, charizard tfg $12 (small decoloration on the back of the wings) , palkia new with package $29, magnemite US$15, Suicune US$79, erika $150

  • Groundbreakers (all come with a black base like steelix) : wobbuffet $9, wartortle $27, poliwag $35 , cacnea $40, cyndaquil $49, steelix $59, bulbasaur $79, noctowl $79, Groundbreakers WITH ORIGINAL BASE: poliwag $120, spinarak $125, steelix $150, larvitar $150, wartortle $150, blastoise $150, bulbasaur $180.


  • FREE custom peg for all loose zukan pieces purchase, short, long, "L" or 45º; FREE mini book with each zukan line purchase, i have almost all mini books. Landorus zukan US$9

  • Plusle & Minum sun faded grass base $6 or good $12, Plusle & Minum wood base $12 , unown line (v w x y z ! ?) $15, unown line (a b c d e f g ) B pasted to the peg US$15, gliscor line $15 (gligar peg custom) , marill line $25, swellow line $25, togepi line (base with spots) US$24, seviper zangoose set $25, camerupt line US$35, regice (with a couple of spots) US$39, wailmer US$45, Rayquaza sp $55, gardevoir line US$70

  • munna line US$10, purugly MIP line US$12, bastiodon MIP line US$14, Tangrowth line US$22, lucario line $17, rayquaza bw $30, or $25 with stands pasted to the figure, mr.mime line (mr.mime custom peg) $20, chansey line $30, feraligatr line US$39(base from another line), typlhosion line MIP US$45

  • sigilyph $5, gligar $12, pichu pikachu line (missing piplup) US$9, heatran 1/40 $14, meloetta US$9, meloetta green pasted, torchic pasted, pikachu chikorita turtwig US$15, yanma $17, johto Starters US$20, corphish line $35, absol US$35, girafarig (peg's tip was re pasted, works perfect) US$24, zigzagoon line $39, sableye mawile chingling nosepass line $40

  • Munna line $8, cobalion $12, reshiram overdrive transparent $12, zekrom transparent $12, yveltal $15, regirock US$18, mamoswine $37, abomasnow line $30, migthyena line $39, metagross SP $59, latios line $65, charizard line $175, blastoise line ( dark blue base from another line) $139

  • darkrai MIP US$15, leafeon line MIP $22 or open $20, magnemite line $25, magmar line (magmar with a couple of scratches, no smoke effect) $33, hoppip line US$35, umbreon line US$35, starmie line $60, hitmons line $75, eevee jolteon vaporeon flareon line (eevee base have some scratches) US$160 or without eevee base US$157, eevee jolteon vaporeon flareon line (jolteon and flareon are pasted to the base) $129

  • Deoxys speed MIP US$11, drifblim line US$20, torkoal with base for $20, drapion line (custom pegs) $29, luxio line base from another line (luxray paint off on one side of a leg) $29, Breloom line $45, good kecleon $29 or Breloom & kecleon MIP $65 (in the mip one, the tip of kecleon's tongue was broken on factory before painting) , gastly haunter set US$150 or MIP US$160, gengar haunter MIP US$160 (open pic just to show it display) , ninetales line US$170 (base from another line) , Garchomp line (custom pegs base from another line) US$170

  • reshiram overdrive transparent without tail tip US$6 (wings pasted to the body) , primal groudon US$13, reshiram overdrive US$13, sneasel $15, arceus zukan US$19, pearl arceus US$22, Groudon GSC (upper left) sun faded color on the back US$45, groudon RSE US$55, kyogre RSE (transparent base) US$49 or without base US$39, kangaskhan line US$55, snorlax line US$55, bellsprout line (custom pegs base from another line) US$70

  • kalos starters line US$11, chespin line US$11, genesect US$11, druddigon US$11, lucario mountain (peg pasted) US$16, haxorus line US$20, chandelure line US$20, togepi line US$29 )togetic peg from another line) , shellos east and west line $37 (base from another line) , marowak MIP line US$42 or open marowak custom peg (doesn't need it to stand) US$39, torterra line $57

  • excadrill line US$11, carnivine with peg and cherrim 2 forms no pegs US$14, spoink line US$20, rotom line US$21, solrock line $25, shuppet line US$27, lileep line $45, armaldo line $47 (paint off on one arm) , slowbro line US$55, arbok line US$70, raichu line US$80, kabutops line US$89

  • $5 = electabuzz no tail
    $8 = tangela, lickitung nose paint loss
    $10 = pikachu, magnetone, machoke, machamp, golem, gloom, graveller, doduo, drowzee
    $12 = weepinbell, golbat wings decolorated, magnemite set
    $15 = ekans, sandslash, pinsir, seadra, hitmonchan, electabuzz
    $20 = scyther, omastar, victreebell, rhydon, kabutops
    $25 = charmander paint loss on tail (or $45 good one) , dragonite bw paint loss on leg, butterfree
    $29 = persian, growlithe, mewtwo (right) ,  tailess arcanine
    $30 = jolteon, flareon, pidgey, muk set
    $35 = vaporeon, vulpix, sandshrew set, blastoise paint loss on nose, golduck set, rhydon set, starmie set
    $45 = persian meowth set, venusaur
    $50 = arbok set
    $120 = arcanine growlithe set
    $135 = lapras
    $150 = ninetales set

  • $3 = electabuzz 2 tailess, magnetone 1 screw missing
    $5 = rhydon no arm or tail, scyther without wing
    $6 = mewtwo magazine (right)
    $7 = jigglypuff little paint loss below lip and cheek
    $8 = mewtwo
    $10 = chansey, wigglytuff, electabuzz 1 with tail, exeggcute
    $12 = golduck (head is a little lighter in color than the body)
    $13 = golbat with scratches
    $14 = parasect paintloss under leg
    $15 = dragonair, mr. mime, slowbro
    $17 = nidorina
    $19 = marowak
    $20 = rhydon, kabutops
    $21 = phanpy set
    $25 = butterfree
    US$27 = slowbro & slowpoke set
    $29 = blastoise SP
    $35 = wartortle
    $60 = scizor set
    $120 = squirtle set
    $135 = bulbasaur set

  • $3 = marill strach on face
    $5 = piloswine, raikou no tail, girafarig 1 horn missing
    $6 = pichu, skiploom, jumpluff, sneasel, granbull with scratches, elekid, togepi, togetic, gligar, yanma white wings little decolorated
    $7 = marill, azumarill, ledian, whiscash, sudowoodo, umbreon, quilfish peg pasted
    $8 = shuckle
    $10 = yanma, wobbuffet (right) , swinub set, delibird
    $12 = meganium, lanturn set, granbull
    $13 = hitmontop no base
    $14 = politoed, crobat stracthes, girafarig,
    $15 = blissey set, hitmontop with homemade base (mold from an original one) , totodile croconaw set, slowbro, kingdra, quagsire, wobbuffet (left) , smeargle blue tail
    $19 = hoppip set, chikorita set (chikorita leaf with glue)
    $21 = phanpy set
    $29 = blastoise SP
    $32 = typhlosion set
    $60 = scizor set

  • $3 = crawdaunt without one small arm
    $4 = masquerain
    $5 = numel, luvdisk, volveat
    $6 = carvanha, each spinda
    $7 = combusken, marshtomp
    $8 = torkoal without smoke
    $9 = grumpig spoink set, dusclops
    $10 = volbeat & illumise, registeel, regirock, trapinch, registeel, mawile
    $13 = torkoal with smoke, glalie, seeleo couple scratches
    $15 = swampert, sceptile, walrein
    $18 = cresselia, spinda set, blaziken
    $19 = claydol set, seviper zangoose set, azurill set, latios
    $25 = zigzagoon set, mightyena, absol, manectric set, wingull set, beautifly dustox cascoon silcoon (no wurmple)
    $29 = salamence
    $45 = latias latios set
    $49 = bagon set

  • $3 = seviper without tip tail, roselia, tornadus baseless, gothitelle, sigilyph, shiftry no arm
    $4 = zangoose scratch, keldeo clear zukan magazine each
    $5 = nuzleaf, pyroar
    $6 = makuhita, slakoth, relicanth, hydreigon
    $7 = wishmur, emboar, serperior, drilbur set
    $8 = clear zoroark, landorus with base, tornadus with base, nosepass
    $9 = deoxys each, set zoroark, chespin line no base
    $10 = darumaka set, lairon, mawile, nosepass
    $12 = exploud, chespin line with base, vigoroth, medicham set
    $18 = kecleon, breloom
    $19 = altaria, swellow set, cacturne set, skitty set
    $29 = swablu set, gardevoir
    $49 = aggron set

  • $3 = rotom fridge with paint loss, glaceon (one eye not painted)
    $4 = kricktune, roserade, mime jr. , electivire tailess
    $5 = chimecho set, mothim, lickilicky, mantike, spiritomb, purugly, probopass missing one mini nose
    $7 = leafeon, monferno, lickitung, bastiodon, sneasel, weavile, manaphy set, luxio
    $9 = empoleon, roselia set
    $10 = driffblim, dialga no horns, togekiss, pachirisu, mismagious set, croagunk (big cheeks) , honchkrow, floatzel
    $15 = hippodown, rampardos set
    $25 = dialga right, abomasnow set


  • Bandai 4" plush from 1998 TTO US$12 each, SOLD: caterpie, gengar

  • bandai sentret 10cm US$8.50, Drifloon 4" (5.5" floating) $19, Pikachu & Ponyta little tales,6" $23, Flareon I love eevee banpresto $15, Pokemon center hiroshima pikachu poncho magikarp (15cm) $18, piplup banpresto 25cm US$25, Eevee i love eevee banpresto 16" long $37, banpresto 6" I love eevee plush $29

  • chespin pokemon center pokedoll 16cm $20, 4" eevee, vaporeon, jolteon, flareon $12 each, jolteon i love eevee banpresto 14cm US$15, pikachu almost 7" with berry $19, pikachu 8" i love pikachu $23

  • pokemon center pikachu rumble charm $4, magnezon rubber keychain $3, pikachu rubber keychain $3, pin pokemon with you $4 each, sandile, zorua, pichu, pansage, minccino, tepig straps $4.5 each, zekrom charm (tomy on the right for size comparation) $6, banpresto dialga $4, cubone dragonite banpresto $5 each, pikachu notebook $9, eevee & evolutions coin purse (pics from both sides) $8, set of 4 pokemon charm $12

  • torchic $3, pikachu metal $1.5, straps and keychains $3.5 each(clear pikachu is a wristband, zoroark with zorua, munna and palkia don't have strap) , 2" Pins $3 each (mega ampharos sold) , Blaziken 4" magnet $4, jolteon keychain $4

  • metal charm scraggy $3 each, metal quagsire $3, metal cyndaquil $3, metal charm mawile $4, metal charm zygarde $4, metal charm shellos evo lines set $9, pikachu pichu strap with bell $9, pikachu with amulet coin $8, pikachu keychain $9, klefky keychain $8, Genesect with charizard mewtwo pikachu strap $9

  • xmas ornaments $9 each, banpresto keychains: marill, black kyurem without keychain $5 each, mewtwo glow in the dark, togepi, elekid US$8 pikachu US$5, arceus strap glow in the dark NIP $18

  • metal tag hoopa $3, metal tag luxio mudkip mega sceptile set $6, dialga palkia pin $4, pokemon cafe pin $5.5 each, scraggy focus strap with rocky helmet $22, meowth focus strap US$25, whimsicott focus strap with substitue $30, snorlax focus strap with leftovers mip $30, vulpix with fire stone $35

  • diance keychain banpresto $6, darkrai palkia lickilicky keychain $7, pikachu strap US$9, pikachu blue base (move ears when you press the blue base) US$10,  i love pikachu $13, i love pikachu raichu $25, mew $11, bw straps tepig snivy oshawott $8 each, piplup pokedoll strap $20, pikachu pokedoll strap $20

  • time straps US$18 each (sold: plusle, blaziken, zangoose) , except growligthe $25, sneasel $10, litwick pixel strap US$3, pikachu focus strap $15, poliwhirl focus strap $25

  • chespin pikachu cookie straps $4 each, emolga earphone strap $4, mime jr. keychain $6 (small scratches) , time straps loose: poliwag, blastoise $15, pikachu each, marrep $17, cyndaquil $20, lapras $19, New time straps: shedninja $18, others $25 each (magikarp's white part of the eye is a little clear, right click to zoom pic) torchic, flygon

  • seadra line strap US$4, eevee charm $3, pikachu charm $3, shaymin $2, pikachu little tales $25, time straps: drifloon $15; corsola lapras, swablu, absol US$25 each; eevee $26, espeon, umbreon $29 each; vulpix time strap US$37

  • time straps charmander bulbasaur and squirtle set $189

  • time straps eeveelutions 2015 complete set US$149, smoochum US$30

  • pikachu pin $2, jiggli pin $3, charmancer pin $3, charmander mudkip keychain $3, strap genesect $4, strap sableye $5, pikachu straps $4.5 each, pikachu and raichu strap $6, pikachu movie t-arts medal $9, tomy arts keychains MIP: meloettas US$6 each, MIP chimchar keychains with pokeballs $5, metal keychain mega latios $4, giratina NIP strap $12, pokemon center vulpix pikachu strap $9, pokemon center vulpix pikachu coaster? $6,

  • hot chili $3, new and working clemont, bonnie watch $6 each, pokemon spooky party set de 3 colgadores $7.70, glaceon umbreon flareon pokemon center strap $13 each, Pokemon pair straps: pikachu $25, wobbuffet $25

  • old cards (front and back pic, one side is like holographic) $1 each, detective pikachu stickers (the black ones appear with heat) US$3, eevee petit stickers US$2, pokemon and pokeballs stickers $1, poliwhirl ball $9, iris & axew strap set $9, iris &  angry dragonite bandai $9, dawn & piplup fig $9

  • mini portfolio for 60 cards (picture for both sides) Necrozma dawn wing & dusk mane, Ultra Necrozma & zigarde 100% $5 each, pokemon center MIP pikachu parade 10 figure set US$120

  • duks name necrozma tin $5, pokemon center sylveon tin $11

  • Banpresto: pikachu libre clear file A4 size $6, mewtwo kyun chara with background diorama US$19 (have 2 spots on the forehead and ear as shown in the picture, missing one clear union for the top of the walls) , mega lucario keychain $13, pokken MIP figures $9 each, keychains without chain: croagunk, infernape $4each, charmander pikachu 3" figures $7 each, pokken lucario 13cm $49 open or US$65 in box

  • pokken glass $9 each, kitan club bulbasaur mew meowth $8 each, charizard kyun chara $17, Ash & pikachu 6"statue $29, krookodile waza figure US$39 team rocket kyun chara set US$68, gengar pokken new in box(pic out of box to show it display) $68

  • banpresto eevee glaceon leafeon pouch US$9 (pic from both sides) , kyun chara: snivy no base $4, with base $7, MIP US$9, oshawott MIP US$9, eevee no base $10, eevee with base $13, pikachu $10, meowth $12, glaceon $15, Flareon US$13, mewtwo complete diorama with background and box US$29

  • James & meowth  Mega House G.E.M. US$49, jessie & wobbuffet Mega House serie G.E.M. US$49 (actual pics of the figures) , kyun chara eevee flareon vaporeson jolteon set US$68, Banpresto dawn and piplup DX 6" figure US$149

  • pita poke NIP $7 each, jolteon $12, pansage without sewaddle US$11, pikachu new with box $6, loose victini $4

  • banpresto ichiban prize xerneas $12 (or without peg $9) , Sleeping loose figures $6 each (sold: squirtle, lying pikachu) , rowlet t-arts $7, jolteon t-arts $7, sleeping 5 figures sets kanto $36, sylveon kfc $7, glaceon t-arts $9, umbreon t-arts $9, eevee and evolutions set $85 , plusle pokemon center pokedoll figure $17, Blaziken battle colosseum $29

  • banpresto mip charizard vs blastoise $49, banpresto nidoking vs zapdos $89, sylveon tomy arts mib, in box, bag still sealed $29 ( or open $25) , bulbasaur battle colosseum (super rare) $99

  • Right click to enlarge pic, Bottlecap figures: pikachu, manaphy, munchlax, mime jr., bonsly, lucario without moon $4 each; minum, plusle, manaphy, entei, jirachi $6 each; latias, mewtwo, lucario with moon $7 each; dialga, deoxys with base $9 each. Mip entei, pikachu, celebi, jirachi $7 each, mewtwo new but bag open $8, Mip latias $8, dialga mip $9, mip deoxys $10, mip darkrai $11. Figures without base: pikachu $2, bonsly $3, clear manaphy $3, plusle minum $4 each, deoxys $5, dialga $5

  • Cube $3 (pic from both sides) choco egg figures $4.5 each except: pikachu lower row $3, wobbuffet $3, zigarde dog without neck piece $1.5; sylveon $7, zigarde 100% $15. (Note: also available with BLUE base: wobbuffet, mega lucario) zigzagoon, shedninja, lapras

  • stamps $3 each magnetone, staryu blitze persian, pikachu t-arts $5 each , pikachu room #6, #8 $10 each, pokemon center dot sprite figures: bianca, cheren $20 each, pikachu $25, hilda $33, open hilda $30 or without base $27, complete set $150, Old plamo tomy figures in box $25 each

  • Pokemon with wheels $3 each, MIP pikachu mini puzzle (10cm x 15cm) 150 pieces $5, pikachu plastic car (poke ball tires) $8, metal pikachu car $12( paint loose on ears) , metal van (back door opens) $12, ANA plane $12, ANA plane keychain $12

  • chocoball figures with base $5 each, loose without base US$2.5 each, treecko

  • clipping figures: $5 each. Except: combusken $6, piplup $6, giratina with original base $10 or with handmade base $8, gengar $10, heracross $12 , manectric US$14, scizor US$28 Sold: grotle, turtwig left of tropius

  • clipping figures $5 each except: palkia $5 or with card $6, ambipom $6, gallade $6, rayquaza US$6, raikou $9, entei $9, electivire with card US$6, empoleon $5 or with card $6, shinx $6, darmatian $6, dragonite $11, pignite, woobat, gliscor, honchkrow, tangrowth infernape

  • larvitar alone $5, subs pikachu $11, pikachu charizard complete set $67; Ditto transform $11 each, puttito ghost $7 each

  • Pikachu poncho megacharizard Y loose no base $10 each, pikachu evil team: galactic $9, flare $9, plasma $9, aqua $11, rocket $13; pikachu poncho: m gallade, m gardevoir, m mawile, m diancie, m lopunny $10 each, m rayquaza $13, m audino $15, m sableye $19, eevee poncho 8 figure set US$86, ditto set 1 $59, ditto set 2 $59, ditto set 5 $59

  • suction cups: pikachu, zapdos $4 each; plusle, minum $6 each; mudkip, feraligatr, bellossom, combusken $7 each; Charmander eraser US$7; Minicots: torchic, treecko, plusle, minum, deoxys, slugma, larvitar, squirtle $8 each, ho oh, swampert, sceptile, lapras, spinda, absol, meowth $9 each, groudon, kyogre, rayquaza $12 each; bath salt figures $4 each except: white kyurem $5, greninja $5, ho-oh paint off $3 (sold: cyndaquil) ; minigacha machines $7 each (comes with 3 capsules and 1 pokeball) ; Ho oh T-arts $12

  • metal figures: $4 each, pearl sitting pikachu $6, lickilicky mayor $6, Rumble figures $6 each, pikachu puttito $6, pikaditto puttito $7, re-ment desk mewtwo $9, Blastoise tomy DX 12cm $15, Seperior tomy DX 13cm US$15, 3D buildable 12 figures set $20, clear arceus t-arts $10

  • dex figures 3 x $6 (munchlax, turtwig, piplup, deoxys) , pikachu & mew clips $3 each, pokemon with cup $7 each, t-arts megas $9 each (m blaziken), m charizards $10 each

  • Tomy figures new in package, All US$6.5 each except: litten poplio $7 each; tomy bases $0.90 each (have multiples) or 4 bases x $3 (snivy, sandile)

  • All US$4 each, except: the ones with base, froakie closed eyes, pearl reshiram, pearl zorua, clear zoroark US$5.5

  • (right click to enlarge pic) US$3.70 = deoxys normal baseless
    US$4.65 = torchic, blaziken, groudon baseless, kyogre baseless, regirock baseless, jirachi, registeel baseless, regice baseless , grovyle, sceptile,salamence, latios (normal or mate) , mudkip, swampert
    US$5.85 = kyogre with base, groudon with base, kyogre pearl, groudon pearl, deoxys speed baseless, deoxys attack baseless, deoxys defense baseless, gallade,aggron, absol, latias (normal or mate)
    US$7.70 = regirock with base, breloom eyes with paint loss
    US$8.95 = rayquaza, groudon battle pose, kyogre battle pose, wynaut, jirachi clear, snorunt with scartches
    US$10.77 = rayquaza clear, tropius, zangoose (paint lose on nose) , old mawile, flygon, kyogre battle pose clear, medicham, meditite, mega blaziken
    US$13.85 = taillow, armaldo, hariyama, plusle, minum, volbeat, castform, wailmer little paint lose, roselia baseless
    US$15 = pelipper, nuzleaf, kirlia old baseless, whismur, loudred, rayquaza hp
    US$16.95 = skitty, zigzagoon, latias clear with sparks, latias turning pose
    US$24.30 = azurill, torkoal, ludicolo
    US$27.70 = mightyena, corphish
    US$30 = poochyena, altaria, clamperl, lotad
    US$35 = wailord
    US$42 = roselia with base
    -New in box:
    US$9 : absol
    US$12.30 : medicham, castform
    US$14 : volbeat, pelipper

  • (right click to enlarge pic) US$4 : starly paint lose on peak
    US$4.65 : piplup, prinplup, empoleon, chimchar baseless, monferno, infernape, torterra, grootle, turtwig, buneary, heatran, riolu, lucario pearl attack no base no hair, regigigas, dialga (left) , palkia (left) , shaymin, shaymin sky, arceus, rotom baseless, croagunk, cherubi, manaphy, staravia, darkrai (right)
    US$5.85 : cranidos, rampardos, bonsly, kricketot, giratina (left) , lucario paste to base, roserade baseless, rhyperior, shaymin pearl, shaymin, sky pearl, palkia pearl, palkia (open wings) , dialga (middle) , dialga right, garchomp, electivire, magmortar, bastiodon, shieldon, hippopotas, darkrai
    US$7.70 : empoleon pearl, infernape pearl, torterra pearl, kricketune, giratina (right of heatran) , giratina origin, giratina open wings, giratina pearl, carnivine baseless, mismagius baseless, dusknoir baseless, arceus clear, clear munchlax, dialga (down)
    US$8.95: piplup especial pose, torterra battle pose, ambipom, giratina origin metalic, vespiqueen, dialga clear, palkia (right) , chatot, yanmega, drapion, weavile, manaphy especial pose, mothim, budew baseless
    US$11: buizel, floatzel, shaymin earth clear with sparks
    US$12 : drifblim, pachirisu, arceus clear with sparks, chatot clear, manaphy clear, lucario clear with base
    US$13.85: mantyke, probopass, clear buizel, clear mantike
    US$17 : mamoswine
    US$25 : sleeping croagunk

  • (right click to enlarge pic)
    US$2.5 = totodile very scratchs
    US$4.65 = pichu normal (left), good totodile, chikorita, bayleef, meganium, cyndaquil, entei, raikou, suicune
    US$6.15 = ledyba, wobbuffet, Bellossom, pichu spiky ear, togepi, marill, lugia normal, snubbul, ho oh (middle)
    US$7.70 = hoothoot, pichu spiky ear pearl
    US$9 = sneasel (right)
    US$10.77 = heracross, igglybuff, gligar, quagsire, lugia super size, ho oh super size, sunflora, blissey new in blister
    US$12 = cleffa, stantler, hoppip, aipom, smoochum,sentret, ho oh battle pose (left)
    US$13.85 = spinarak, elekid, pichu tuffty, slowking, cleffa new in blister
    US$16.95 = houndoom, houndour
    US$20 = larvitar special, houndoom new in blister
    US$21.55 = donphan, sneasel special (left) , porigon 2 little paint loss
    US$24.30 = phanpy (or $20 with a scratch on nose)
    US$26.15 = slugma, piloswine, granbull
    US$30 = suicune special, natu, ampharos, azumarill
    US$35 = scizor special, ampharos new in blister
    US$55 = noctowl
    US$59 = mantine, misdrevous, ledian, yanma

  • Right click to enlarge: US$3 : articuno missing leg, zapdos no tail
    US$4.35 : old venusaur, old mew, mewtwo, old moltres, old zapdos
    US$4.65 : old charmander, old charmeleon, old charizard, old blastoise, old squirtle, vileplume, chansey, clefairy mate, old bulbasaur, old raichu, pikachu, poliwag, poliwhirl, seel, jigglypuff, porigon tailess, abra tailess
    US$5.85 : charmander, charizard new, new bulbasaur, clefairy, clefable, new jolteon, old jolteon, mankey, golduck, poliwrath, squirtle new version,  wigglytuff, new moltres, new articuno, new zapdos
    US$7.70 : seadra, psyduck, geodude, pikachu pearl, clear pikachu, surfing pikachu, growlithe couple of paint loss
    US$8.95 : seaking, doduo
    US$10.77 : slowpoke, weezing, slowpoke, vulpix pain loss on nose, charizard sp
    US$ 13.85 : machop, machamp
    US$16 : omastar
    US$25 : venusaur battle pose, charmeleon auldey, charmander auldey (mark below foot) , pinsir paint loss on teeth
    US$46 : old dittochu

  • Data carrier figure groudon manectric set, comes with 2 pokemon, works, the cards have beautiful pokemon designs on the back, and looks like it have some mini games, but its in japanese so don't really know, $24; figures $12, torchic with paint off beak $11, pikachu $10

  • bath salt wailmer salamence $6 each, groudon thinkchip $15, swampert thinkchip $15, squirtle charmander tea cup figures $7 each, pikachu minum plusle don't fall figures $4 each; pikachu room #8 $10; evil flare team pikachu tin US$10, glaceon tin US$10; heracross US$12, chikorita $6, Ash & pikachu US$12, prof oak US$25, jenny, leafeon chupa figure US$25

  • Chess figures (i have color disks for the bases if you want them) : plusle, minum $7 each, manectric $8, pikachu $8, kirlia, treecko, torchic, jirachi, groudon, kyogre, deoxys $9 each, rayquaza $18

  • pokedolls with base $11 each, charizard US$15; pokedolls with box: eevee, squirtle, pikachu $12 each, croagunk $10, charizard MIP $17

  • Pokedolls without base $9 each, except: croagunk $8, umbreon espeon flareon $11 each, charizard US$14

  • moncolle plus figures: shaymin, chimchar, excadrill, oshawott, croagunk, zorua, zoroark, croagunk, giratina,  zekrom, reshiram, pikachu, rhyperior $10 each, snivy, tepig, regigias, moltres, turwig, dusknoir $12 each, metagross, lugia, mew, articuno $15 each, glaceon $20

  • articulated figures: pikachu US$6, pichu US$6, moltres US$7, articuno US$8, mewtwo US$9, dragonite US$14, entei US$11, venusaur $8, scyther US$12, lugia $13, ampharos $15

  • pencil toppers: walrein, munchlax, tropius, moltres, pikachu blaziken $5 each, swampert mew sceptile, kyogre, lucario, pichu $7 each, charizard $9, banette $9, torchic $6, flygon $15, battle museum figures: bellsprout $4, golbat $4, scyzor $6, pikachu boxing $5, minigacha machines $7 each (comes with 3 capsules and 1 pokeball)

  • re-ment sets, $11 each individual box (sold: rowlet, psyduck)

  • Right click to enlarge picture: bandai kids $1.55 each (sitting treecko, turwig and chespin are sukui) ; except first gen $2.2 each, second gen $2 each,  big emboar $3, big shaymin $3, big lickylicky $3 SOLD: ampharos, xatu, typlhosion, banette, mawile, tyranitar left, sableye, ledian, lanturn, dunsparce, miltank, porigon 2, swinub, piloswine, ampharos, gliscor, talowflame, xerneas

  • Right click to enlarge picture: bandai kids clear $3 each (hosea, darkrai), others $3, except: glaceon attack $4, xmas jynx $6, ditto $5, jessie $5, james $6, brock $5, ranger $5 munchlax eating, nurse chansey $6, mr. mime $6, gastly $8, haunter $8, gengar $9, shadow ball gengar $11, gengar tongue $11, squirtle with glasses $12, pikachu strech face $10, pikaditto $8, pikachu surf $8, shiny $15 each

  • japanese taps 21 lot US$6, in case figures $13 each except farfetch, ditto food $19 each; candy figures: darumaka strach on the back $3, dialga, palkia, virizion, cobalion, reshiram $3 each, lugia, m mewtwo x, hoopa, arceus, manaphy, rotom, jirachi $5 each, sylveon, eevee, volcanion, m charizard x, m latias, m latios $6 each; m lucario t-arts $9, m garchomp t-arts $9

  • Pan stickers (right click to enlarge picture) 3 x US$1, except: latios latias $1, ash turtwig $, mew lucario $1 (sold: palkia)

Thank you!!
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  • non pokemon sales

    Hello! some non pokemon sales: shipping starts at $3.2 for all america continent, $3.5 for europe, always optional but recommended $3.2…

  • Want list!! :)

    Hello! Thanks to everyone that help me reduce my first want list to almost half, by trading and selling ^__^ If you want to trade, here are the…