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pokemon sales

- sales permission granted on 26 JAN 2012 by entirelycliched

- my feedback is here:

- Items come from a pet-free and smoke-free home J
- Prices don't include shipping cost or paypal fees, i never charge for shipping materials or handling.

Shipping Info

I ship from Peru. Shipping cost for 1 single figure or light line (20grams) will start at $3.20 for america continent, $3.50 for europe, and $3.50 for asia and oceania. 50grams $4 for america continent, $4.30 for europe, and $4.80 for asia and oceania, and so.
Optional but recommended, tracking number is available for $3.20
I do combine shipping for multiple items. I do my best to insure the safety of each figure ,so I use bubble wrap and inside an envelope to make it super safe, this takes time but I enjoy doing it and its for free :) if ask by the winner, i can put then inside a little custom box, but this might increase shipping cost a little because the weight of the box.

I'm not responsable for items lost in transit, i can't do a partial refund, i can always show the recipient as prove of shipping.

- I accept Paypal
and also western union.

- First person that commits to buy, got it.
- I accept trades for the items in my want list here:

If you have a question, please feel free to ask :)

Also i updated my OTHER ANIME SALES:


  • manaphy $5, pikachu $6, gyarados $7, primal kyogre, arceus, ho-oh $10 each, giratina $12, charizard tfg $12 (small decoloration on the back of the wings) , palkia $26, palkia new with package $29, Suicune US$79, erika $150,

  • Groundbreakers: wobbuffet $9, larvitar $19, poliwag $35 , cacnea $40, cyndaquil $49, wartortle $27, kadabra $27, bulbasaur $79, blastoise

  • Groundbreakers with original base: poliwag $120, spinarak $125, steelix $150, larvitar $150, wartortle $150, blastoise $150, bulbasaur $180. Groundbreakers with black base: wobbuffet $27, noctowl $79, spinda $199


  • Plusle & Minum wood base $12, keldeo $12, unown line $15, marill line $25, swellow line $25, togepi line (base with spots) US$25, absol US$35, pineco line $35, Rayquaza sp $55, gardevoir line US$70

  • lumineon line US$10 (lumineon custom peg but works well as shown in the picture) , lucario line $17, regirock US$18, rayquaza bw $25 (stands pasted to the figure) , giratina US$28, giratina open mouth MIP with capsule $35 (open pic to show it display)

  • sigilyph $5, munna line US$8, gligar $12, pichu pikachu line (missing piplup) US$9, heatran 1/40 $14, corphish line $35, girafarig open (peg's tip was re pasted, works perfect) US$24, skitty line $36, zigzagoon line $39, sableye mawile chingling nosepass line $40

  • Munna line $8, cobalion US$12, migthyena line $39, metagross SP $59, latios line $65, scizor line US$75, charizard line $169 (base from another line) , venusaur line $148 (base from another line), blastoise line (base from another line) $139, arcanine line US$160 (base from another line)

  • darkrai MIP US$15, leafeon line MIP $22 or open $20, , Metagross MIP line US$123, eevee jolteon vaporeon flareon line (eevee base have some scratches) US$160 or without eevee base US$157, eevee jolteon vaporeon flareon line (jolteon and flareon are pasted to the base) $129

  • ​yanma $15, meganium line $25, typlhosion line MIP US$45, feraligatr line US$45, drapion line US$39 (missing skorupi's peg but i can make one if you want) , clefairy line US$45, umbreon line US$35

  • Deoxys speed MIP US$11, torkoal with base for $20, Breloom line $45, good kecleon $29 or Breloom & kecleon MIP $65 (in the mip one, the tip of kecleon's tongue was broken on factory before painting) , gastly haunter set US$150 or MIP US$160, gengar haunter MIP US$160 (open pic just to show it display) , ninetales line US$170 (base from another line)

  • reshiram overdrive transparent without tail tip US$6 (wings pasted to the body) , primal groudon US$13, reshiram overdrive US$13, arceus zukan US$19, pearl arceus US$22, arceus green US$22, Arceus ghost MIP with capsule $25, absol US$35, psyduck line US$45, groudon RSE US$55, kyogre RSE (transparent base) US$50 or without base US$39, arbok line US$65, nidoking line US$170

  • purugly line mip US$12, chimecho & spiritomb line mip US$14, bastiodon line mip US$14, Linea shaymin line open US$18, Sneasel US$14, sudowoodo line US$20, hoppip line US$35, tyranitar line US$45

  • $5 = electabuzz no tail
    $6 = mewtwo magazine (right)
    $8 = tangela
    $10 = pikachu, magnetone, machoke, machamp, golem, gloom, mr. mime, graveller, doduo
    $12 = weepinbell,
    $15 = ekans, sandslash, pinsir, seadra
    $20 = electrode, rhydon
    $25 = charmander paint loss on tail
    $29 = persian, ivysaur, growlithe, mewtwo (left)
    $30 = jolteon, flareon, pidgey
    $35 = vaporeon, vulpix, sandshrew set, blastoise paint loss on nose
    $45 = persian meowth, venusaur
    $50 = arbok set
    $120 = arcanine growlithe set

  • $5 = piloswine, scyther without wing, rhydon no arm or tail
    $6 = pichu, skiploom, jumpluff, sneasel, granbull with scratches
    $7 = marill, azumarill, cyndaquil, whiscash, sudowoodo, jigglypuff little paint loss below lip and cheek
    $8 = shuckle, mewtwo, ursaring with hole on belly
    $10 = wigglytuff, yanma, wobbuffet (right) , swinub set, forretress paint loss from below
    $12 = meganium, poliwrath, wezzing, golduck (head is a little lighter in color than the body)
    $13 = hitmontop no base
    $15 = hitmontop with homemade base (mold from an original one) , totodile croconaw set, slowbro, kingdra, dragonair, tyranitar, xatu, typlhosion, quagsire, wobbuffet (left)
    $19 = hoppip set
    $21 = phanpy set
    $29 = blastoise SP
    $39 = heracross
    $120 = squirtle set
    $135 = bulbasaur set

  • $3 = crawdaunt without one small arm
    $4 = masquerain
    $5 = numel, luvdisk
    $6 = carvanha, each spinda
    $7 = combusken, marshtomp
    $8 = torkoal without smoke, dusclops scratch on knuclke
    $9 = grumpig spoink set
    $10 = volbeat & illumise, registeel, regirock, trapinch, registeel
    $13 = torkoal with smoke
    $15 = swampert, sceptile, walrein, duskull set
    $18 = cresselia, spinda set, blaziken
    $19 = claydol set, seviper zangoose set, azurill set
    $25 = zigzagoon set, mightyena, absol, manectric set, wingull set, beautifly dustox cascoon silcoon (no wurmple)
    $29 = salamence
    $45 = latias latios set, mudkip set
    $49 = bagon set

  • $3 = seviper without tip tail, tornadus baseless, gothitelle, simisage, sigilyph
    $4 = zangoose scratch
    $5 = nuzleaf, pyroar
    $6 = makuhita, slakoth, relicanth, hydreigon
    $7 = wishmur, emboar, serperior, drilbur set
    $8 = clear zoroark, landorus with base, tornadus with base, nosepass
    $9 = deoxys each, set zoroark
    $10 = darumaka set, lairon
    $12 = exploud
    $18 = kecleon, breloom
    $19 = altaria, swellow set, cacturne set, skitty set
    $29 = swablu set
    $39 = aggron & lairon set

  • $3 = rotom fridge with paint loss
    $4 = kricktune, roserade, mime jr.
    $5 = chimecho set, mothim, lickilicky, mantike, spiritomb, purugly, probopass missing one mini nose
    $7 = leafeon, glaceon, monferno, lickitung, bastiodon, sneasel, weavile, manaphy set, croagunk normal
    $8 =
    $9 = empoleon, roselia set
    $10 = probopass, driffblim, dialga no horns, pachirisu, croagunk (big cheeks)
    $15 = hippodown, rampardos set, drifloon set


  • skitty banpresto with bell inside, 17cm $19, jolteon i love eevee banpresto 14cm US$15, espeon i love gothic banpresto 15cm US$12,, banpresto 6" I love eevee plush $29, Pokemon center hiroshima pikachu poncho magikarp (15cm) $18, piplup banpresto 25cm US$25

  • bandai sentret 10cm US$8.50, Drifloon 4" (5.5" floating) $19, Pikachu & Ponyta little tales,6" $23, Flareon I love eevee banpresto $15, Eevee i love eevee banpresto 16" long $37

  • Pokemon center kuttari cyndaquil 16cm long US$20, chespin pokemon center pokedoll 16cm $20, 4" eevee, vaporeon, jolteon, flareon $12 each, , pikachu almost 7" with berry $19, pikachu 8" i love pikachu $23

  • torchic $3, pikachu metal $1.5, straps and keychains $3.5 each(clear pikachu is a wristband, zoroark with zorua, munna and palkia don't have strap) , 2" Pins $3 each (mega ampharos sold) , Blaziken 4" magnet $4, jolteon keychain $4

  • metal charm scraggy $3 each, metal quagsire $3, metal cyndaquil $3, metal charm mawile $4, metal charm zygarde $4, metal charm shellos evo lines set $9, pikachu pichu strap with bell $9, pikachu with amulet coin $8, pikachu keychain $9, klefky keychain $8, Genesect with charizard mewtwo pikachu strap $9

  • xmas ornaments $9 each, banpresto keychains: marill, black kyurem without keychain $5 each, mewtwo glow in the dark, togepi, elekid US$8 pikachu US$5, arceus strap glow in the dark NIP $18

  • metal tag hoopa $3, metal tag luxio mudkip mega sceptile set $6, dialga palkia pin $4, pokemon cafe pin $5.5 each, scraggy focus strap with rocky helmet $22, meowth focus strap US$25, whimsicott focus strap with substitue $30, snorlax focus strap with leftovers mip $30, vulpix with fire stone $35

  • diance keychain banpresto $6, darkrai palkia lickilicky keychain $7, pikachu strap US$9, pikachu blue base (move ears when you press the blue base) US$10,  i love pikachu $13, i love pikachu raichu $25, mew $11, bw straps tepig snivy oshawott $8 each, piplup pokedoll strap $20, pikachu pokedoll strap $20

  • time straps US$18 each (sold: swampert, dragonite)

  • chespin pikachu cookie straps $4 each, emolga earphone strap $4, mime jr. keychain $6 (small scratches) , time straps loose: poliwag, blastoise $15, pikachu each, marrep $17, cyndaquil $20, lapras $19, New time straps: shedninja $18, others $25 each (magikarp's white part of the eye is a little clear, right click to zoom pic)

  • pikachu little tales $25, time straps: drifloon $15, ampharos $18; bellossom, corsola lapras, swablu, absol, psyduck US$25 each; eevee $26, espeon, umbreon $29 each; vulpix time strap US$37

  • time straps charmander bulbasaur and squirtle set $189

  • whitekyurem acrylic keychain $3, pikachu pin $2, strap genesect $4, strap sableye $5, pikachu straps $4.5 each, pikachu and raichu strap $6, pikachu movie t-arts medal $9, tomy arts keychains MIP: meloettas, keldeo $7 each, MIP chimchar keychains with pokeballs $5, metal keychain mega latios $4, giratina NIP strap $12

  • Pokemon pair straps: pikachu $25, wobbuffet $25, meowstic $30, nidoran $39

  • Banpresto: pikachu libre clear file A4 size $6, mewtwo kyun chara with background diorama US$19 (have 2 spots on the forehead and ear as shown in the picture, missing one clear union for the top of the walls) , mega lucario keychain $13, pokken MIP figures $9 each, keychains without chain: croagunk, infernape $4each, charmander pikachu 3" figures $7 each, Pokemon center glass featuring all eeveelutions, mewtwo, charizard $9

  • pokken glass $9 each, kitan club bulbasaur mew meowth $8 each, charizard kyun chara $17, Ash & pikachu 6"statue $29, team rocket kyun chara set US$68, gengar pokken new in box(pic out of box to show it display) $68

  • banpresto eevee glaceon leafeon pouch US$9 (pic from both sides) , kyun chara: snivy no base $4, with base $7, MIP US$9, oshawott MIP US$9, eevee no base $10, eevee with base $13, pikachu $10, meowth $12, mew $13, Flareon US$13, mewtwo complete diorama with background and box US$29

  • James & meowth  Mega House G.E.M. US$49, jessie & wobbuffet Mega House serie G.E.M. US$49 (actual pics of the figures) , kyun chara eevee flareon vaporeson jolteon set US$68, Banpresto dawn and piplup DX 6" figure US$149

  • pita poke NIP $7 each, jolteon $12, pansage without sewaddle US$11, pikachu new with box $6, loose victini $4

  • banpresto ichiban prize xerneas $12 (or without peg $9) , Sleeping loose figures $6 each (sold: squirtle) , rowlet t-arts $7, jolteon t-arts $7, sleeping 5 figures sets kanto $36, sylveon kfc $7, flareon t-arts $9, umbreon t-arts $9, eevee and evolutions set $85 , Blaziken battle colosseum $29

  • banpresto mip charizard vs blastoise $49, banpresto nidoking vs zapdos $89, sylveon tomy arts mib, in box, bag still sealed $29 ( or open $25) , bulbasaur battle colosseum (super rare) $99

  • Right click to enlarge pic, Bottlecap figures: pikachu, manaphy, munchlax, mime jr., bonsly, lucario without moon $4 each; minum, plusle, manaphy, entei, jirachi $6 each; latias, mewtwo, lucario with moon $7 each; dialga, deoxys with base $9 each. Mip entei, pikachu, celebi, jirachi $7 each, mewtwo new but bag open $8, Mip latias $8, dialga mip $9, mip deoxys $10, mip darkrai $11. Figures without base: pikachu $2, bonsly $3, clear manaphy $3, plusle minum $4 each, deoxys $5, dialga $5

  • Cube $3 (pic from both sides) choco egg figures $4.5 each except: pikachu lower row $3, wobbuffet $3, zigarde dog without neck piece $1.5; sylveon $7, zigarde 100% $15. (Note: also available with BLUE base: wobbuffet, mega lucario) zigzagoon, shedninja, lapras

  • stamps $3 each magnetone, staryu persian, pikachu t-arts $5 (righ one sold) , pikachu room #6 $10, pokemon center dot sprite figures: bianca, cheren $20 each, pikachu $25, hilda $33 or without base $27, complete set $150, Old plamo tomy figures in box $25 each

  • Pokemon with wheels $3 each (sold: entei, piplup boat, pikachu, raikou,  staraptor loose) , MIP pikachu mini puzzle (10cm x 15cm) 150 pieces $5, pikachu plastic car (poke ball tires) $8, metal pikachu car $12( paint loose on ears) , metal van (back door opens) $12, ANA plane $12, ANA plane keychain $12, kyogre banpresto coin bank $14

  • chocoball figures $5 each, loose without base US$2.5 each (lotad) , new and work clemont bonnie watch $$6 each, eevee & evolutions coin purse (pics from both sides) $9, plusle pokemon center pokedoll figure $19

  • clipping figures: $5 each. Except: combusken $6, piplup $6, giratina with original base $10 or with handmade base $8, gengar $10, heracross $12 , manectric US$15, skarmory $12, scizor US$28

  • clipping figures $5 each except: palkia $5 or with card $6, ambipom $6, gallade $6, rayquaza US$6, raikou $9, entei $9, electivire with card US$6, empoleon $5 or with card $6. Sold: entei looking up, gliscor

  • larvitar alone $5, subs pikachu $11, pikachu charizard complete set $67; Ditto transform $11 each, puttito ghost $7 each

  • Pikachu poncho megacharizard Y loose no base $10 each, pikachu evil team: galactic $9, flare $9, plasma $9, aqua $11, rocket $13; pikachu poncho: m gallade, m gardevoir, m mawile, m diancie, m lopunny $10 each, m rayquaza $13, m audino $15, m sableye $19, eevee poncho 8 figure set US$86, ditto set 1 $59, ditto set 2 $59, ditto set 5 $59

  • suction cups: pikachu, wobbufett, zapdos, metagross, taillow $4 each; plusle, minum $6 each; bellossom, shedninja, feraligatr, blaziken, treecko, combusken $7 each; Minicots: torchic, treecko, plusle, minum, deoxys, slugma, larvitar, squirtle $8 each, ho oh, swampert, sceptile, lapras, spinda, absol, meowth $9 each, groudon, kyogre, rayquaza $12 each; bath salt figures $4 each except: white kyurem $5, greninja $5, ho-oh paint off $3 (sold: cyndaquil) ; minigacha machines $7 each (comes with 3 capsules and 1 pokeball) ; Ho oh T-arts $12

  • clear keldeo magazine zukan $5 each, pearl sitting pikachu $6, Rumble figures $6 each (sold: mew, pikachu, lucario, victini) , pikachu puttito $6, pikaditto puttito $7, re-ment desk: squirtle $7 (water gun broke and repaste) , pikachu, mewtwo $9 each, Blastoise tomy DX 12cm $15, 3D buildable 12 set $20, clear arceus t-arts $10

  • Tomy figures new in package, All US$6.5 each except: litten poplio $8 each; tomy bases $1 each (have multiples) or 4 bases x $3 (sold: hydreigon, spritzee)

  • All US$4 each, except: the ones with base, froakie closed eyes, volcarona, noivern, pearl reshiram and pearl zorua US$5.5, clear zorua, clear zoroark US$6 each

  • US$3.70 = deoxys normal baseless
    US$4.65 = torchic, blaziken, groudon baseless, kyogre baseless, regirock baseless, jirachi, registeel baseless, regice baseless , grovyle, sceptile,salamence, latios (normal or mate) , mudkip, swampert
    US$5.85 = kyogre with base, groudon with
    base, kyogre pearl, groudon pearl, deoxys speed baseless, deoxys attack baseless, gallade,aggron, absol, latias (normal or mate)
    US$7.70 = regirock with base
    US$8.95 = rayquaza, groudon battle pose, kyogre battle pose, wynaut, jirachi clear, snorunt with scartches
    US$10.77 = rayquaza clear, tropius, zangoose (paint lose on nose) , old mawile, flygon,
    kyogre battle pose clear, medicham, meditite
    US$13.85 = taillow, armaldo, hariyama, plusle, minum, volbeat, castform, wailmer little paint lose, roselia baseless
    US$15 = pelipper, nuzleaf, kirlia old baseless, whismur, loudred
    US$16.95 = skitty, spheal, zigzagoon, latias clear with sparks, kyogre hyper size
    US$24.30 = azurill, torkoal, ludicolo, glalie (some paint loose)
    US$27.70 = mightyena, corphish
    US$30 = poochyena, altaria, clamperl, lotad
    US$35 = wailord
    US$42 = roselia with base
    -New in box:
    US$9 : absol
    US$12.30 : medicham
    US$14 : castform, volbeat
    US$15.40 : pelipper, nuzleaf

  • (right click to enlarge pic) US$4 : starly paint lose on peak
    US$4.65 : piplup, prinplup, empoleon, chimchar baseless, infernape, torterra, turtwig, buneary, heatran, riolu, lucario pearl attack no base no hair, azelf, mesprit, regigigas, dialga (left) ,
    palkia (left) , shaymin, shaymin sky, arceus, rotom baseless, croagunk, cherubi, manaphy, staravia, darkrai (right),  glameow scratches, munchlax couple scratches
    US$5.85 : cranidos, rampardos, bonsly, kricketot, giratina (left) , lucario paste to base, roserade baseless, rhyperior, shaymin pearl, shaymin
    sky pearl, palkia pearl, palkia (open wings) ,
    dialga (middle) , dialga right, garchomp, electivire, magmortar, bastiodon, luxray, shinx, darkrai
    US$7.70 : empoleon pearl, infernape pearl, torterra pearl, kricketune, giratina (right of heatran)
    giratina origin, giratina open wings, giratina
    pearl, carnivine baseless, mismagius baseless,
    dusknoir baseless, arceus clear, dialga (down)
    US$8.95: piplup especial pose, torterra battle pose, ambipom, giratina origin metalic, vespiqueen, dialga clear, palkia (right) , chatot, yanmega, drapion, weavile, manaphy especial pose, mothim, budew baseless
    US$11: buizel, floatzel, shaymin earth clear with sparks
    US$12 : drifblim, pachirisu, arceus clear with sparks, chatot clear, manaphy clear, lucario clear with base
    US$13.85: mantyke, probopass
    US$16 : Giratina HYPER SIZE
    US$17 : mamoswine
    US$25 : sleeping croagunk
    US$30: sleeping turtwig, sleeping clear piplup

  • (right click to enlarge pic)
    US$2.5 = totodile very scratchs
    US$4.65 = pichu normal (left), chikorita, bayleef, meganium, cyndaquil, typhlosion, raikou, suicune
    US$6.15 = ledyba, wobbuffet, Bellossom,pichu spiky ear, togepi, marill, lugia normal, snubbul, ho oh (middle) ,  jumpluff some decoloration
    US$7.70 = hoothoot, pichu spiky ear pearl
    US$9 = sneasel (right)
    US$10.77 = heracross, smeargle, igglybuff, gligar, quagsire, lugia super size, ho oh super size, sunflora
    US$12 = cleffa, stantler, hoppip, ho oh battle pose (left)
    US$13.85 = spinarak, elekid, pichu tuffty, slowking, shuckle
    US$16.95 = houndoom, houndour, scizor
    US$20 = larvitar special
    US$21.55 = donphan, sneasel special (left) , porigon 2 little paint loss
    US$24.30 = phanpy (or $20 with a scratch on nose)
    US$26.15 = slugma, piloswine, granbull
    US$30 = suicune special, natu
    US$35 = scizor special
    US$55 = noctowl
    US$59 = mantine, misdrevous, ledian

  • Right click to enlarge: US$3 : articuno missing leg, zapdos no tail
    US$4.35 : old venusaur, old mew, mewtwo, old moltres, old zapdos
    US$4.65 : old charmander, old charmeleon, old charizard, old blastoise, old squirtle, vileplume, chansey, sandshrew, clefairy mate, old bulbasaur, old ivysaur, old eevee, old raichu, pikachu, poliwag, poliwhirl, seel, jigglypuff, porigon tailess
    US$5.85 : charmander, charizard new, new bulbasaur, clefairy, clefable, sandslash, mankey, golduck, poliwrath, squirtle new version,  wigglytuff, dragonite, new moltres
    US$7.70 : tangela, primape, horsea, seadra, psyduck, geodude, pikachu pearl, clear pikachu, surfing pikachu, growlithe couple of paint loss
    US$8.95 : seaking
    US$10.77 : slowpoke
    US$ 13.85 : machop, machamp
    US$16.95 : omastar
    US$26.15 : venusaur battle pose
    US$30 : pinsir
    US$46 : old dittochu

  • tomy offer: 3 x $9 (sold: hydreigon, yamask, darumaka, articuno)

  • tomy offer: red $4.6 each, blue $5.85 each, green $9 each

  • Data carrier figure groudon manectric set, comes with 2 pokemon, works, the cards have beautiful pokemon designs on the back, and looks like it have some mini games, but its in japanese so don't really know, $29; figures $12, torchic with paint off beak $11, pikachu $11

  • metal figures: $5 each except snorlax $3(paint off), bath salt rayquaza wailmer salamence walrein $6 each, zekrom missing arm $3, reshiram $13, T-arts golurk emboar $9, groudon thinkchip $15, swampert thinkchip $15, lickilicky mayor $6, squirtle charmander tea cup figures $7 each, pikachu minum plusle don't fall figures $4 each

  • full color stadium figures: 3 x $5 (gyarados) , transparent $1.8 each or 3 x $5 (charizard, mewtwo), one color figures $0.5

  • Chess figures (i have color disks for the bases if you want them) : plusle, minum $7 each, manectric $8, pikachu $8, kirlia, treecko, torchic, jirachi, groudon, kyogre, deoxys $9 each, rayquaza $19

  • pokedolls with base $11 each,  except: croagunk $9, pokedolls with box $12 each,  except: croagunk $10, charizard MIP $17, open $15. Squirtle available with box, no box but with base, and no base.

  • Pokedolls without base $9 each, except: croagunk $8, umbreon espeon flareon $11 each, charizard US$14

  • moncolle plus figures: shaymin, chimchar, excadrill, oshawott, croagunk, zorua, zoroark, croagunk, giratina,  zekrom, pikachu, rhyperior $10 each, snivy, tepig, regigias, moltres, turwig, dusknoir $12 each, metagross, lugia, mew, articuno $15 each, scizor $25

  • articulated figures: pikachu US$6, pichu US$6, moltres US$7, articuno US$8, mewtwo US$9, dragonite US$14, entei US$11, venusaur $8, scyther US$12, lugia $13, ampharos $15

  • pencil toppers: walrein, munchlax, tropius, moltres, pikachu blaziken $5 each, swampert mew sceptile, kyogre, lucario, pichu $7 each, charizard $9, banette $9, torchic $6, flygon $15, battle museum figures: bellsprout $4, golbat $4, scyzor $6, pikachu boxing $5, minigacha machines $7 each (comes with 3 capsules and 1 pokeball)

  • Right click to enlarge picture: bandai kids $1.55 each (sitting treecko, turwig and chespin are sukui) ; except first gen $2.2 each, second gen $2 each,  big emboar $3, big shaymin $3, big lickylicky $3

  • Right click to enlarge picture: bandai kids clear $3 each (hosea, darkrai), others $3, except: spyduck with paint loss $2, chimchar scratch on eye $2, glaceon attack $4, vaporeon attack $4, xmas jynx $6, ditto $5, jessie $5, james $6, brock $5, ranger $5, nurse chansey $6, mr. mime $6, gastly $8, haunter $8, gengar $9, shadow ball gengar $11, gengar tongue $11, squirtle with glasses $12, pikachu strech face $10, pikaditto $8, pikachu surf $8

  • japanese taps 21 lot US$6, in case figures $13 each (sold: psyduck) except farfetch, seel, ditto food $19 each, candy figures: darumaka strach on the back $3, dialga, palkia, virizion, cobalion, reshiram $3 each, lugia, m mewtwo x, hoopa, arceus, manaphy, rotom, jirachi $5 each, sylveon, eevee, volcanion, m charizard x, m latias, m latios $6 each; m lucario t-arts $9, m garchomp t-arts $9

  • Pan stickers (right click to enlarge picture) 2 x US$1, except: latios latias $1.5, ash turtwig $1.5, mew lucario $1.5

  • Small figures US$2 each

right click and open in a new window to see it complete or move to the right :)
Thank you!!

Hey! Could I get a quote for these to M5S 2Z3

Gen 2

Gen 3

I sent you a full list of the others I'm looking for as well :) also you still have the palkia right ?

hi! just replied to your message :)


Is the slowpoke zukan still available?
If it is, I'm committed to buying it :)

hi, yes :) it will be $45.63 in an envelope with almost no protection (sorry, its because of the weight limit) or $48.80 in a box well protected, or if you want to combine with something else can send it in a bubblemailer well protected :) it will be to let me know! thank you!

Hello! :)

Are the Infernape Tomy still avaliable? And the minigacha machine with Bunneary on it?? 😍

If they're avaliable, I'll want them!

Do you remember I asked you to hold the Aquachu and Rocketchu figures for me until April, 10th? Can I put these two on hold too, pleeaase??! I'm really commited!

Thank you!! 💕💕

hi! yes :) infernape tomy is available, the bunneary is the clipping figure, i just place it above the machine for the picture, would you like both? a minigacha and the bunneary clipping figure? let me know! btw, yes, i have the aqua and rocket apart for you ;)

Hello! I just wanted to ask because you seem to have a lot of things for sale, you don't happen to have this Dusknoir kid figure, do you?
Thank you!

hi! nope, sorry, but i'll be recieving many kids in the future so i'll check if it will be there, also, i couldn't place all the items i have in the post, so if you are looking for something else or have a want list, let me know :)

Hi! I was interested in a couple more figures of yours!

Shiny Garchomp - I was wondering what condition this figure was in?
Deoxys (Speed) and clear Munchlax - I wasn't sure if you still had these figures since they weren't listed. If they're available, how much are they?

Bandai Kids:


P.S. I got my other order a few days ago too! I will leave feedback when I get a chance too!

hi! garchomp is like new :) i do have deoxys speed without base, and clear munchlax, on kids, i don't have wingull, and whiscash? did you mean huntail? because i never had whiscash, i think

Hello again! I've decided I do need to have the other substitute figures, they're just too cute XD I'll probably be back AGAIN for some other things, but it's gotta be the subbies right now.

So I'll commit to:
Substitute+Squirtle figure
Substitute+Larvitar figure
Substitute+Ditto figure
Substitute+Cyndaquil figure
And the Whimsicott+Substitute Phone Strap

Thanks! :3

hi! it will be US$66.70 to and if you want, you can add another figure without increasing shipping. Optional, if you want tracking number, it's available for US$3.20 more. let me know, thank you! :D

Hello! c: Is the TOMY Sandshrew and Sandslash figure still available? I'd love to commit to them! I'm pretty sure the Sandslash has been sold but I'd just like to double check. What would shipping be to Australia 3084? Also, are your prices in USD? Thank you!

hi! yes, sorry, i only have sandshrew, i'll have another sandslash but that will be in about 3 weeks yet :( but yes, all prices are in USD, let me know if you would like to take sandshrew, or combine with other items or if you have a want list :) thank you!

(Deleted comment)
Hi, do u still have these items?
arceus green US$23
electivire line $15 (pieces pasted to the base)
luxray line (pieces were pasted to the base) US$18
plz state price for the quote 99217. Thx ^^

hi, yes i have those 3 lines, it will be US$73 to and optional, if you want tracking number, it will be US$3.20 more, let me know, thank you!

Do you still have the arcanine and growlithe figure for sale?

RE: Arcanine Zukan Line

The one with the base or without? I love these 2 and need one! Also the ninetales line with base is that still available?

i'll take:

$4 wobbufett suction cup
$5 sigilyph
$29 quagsire line

and the wobbuffet figure here from the bottom row. do you know anything about him?~

... to zipcode 97210. thank you! do you also anticipate getting a groundbreakers wobbuffet with an original base? i've been looking for that for awhile :(

Edited at 2017-10-10 03:41 am (UTC)

hi! sure, it will be US$43 to
The bottom row wobbuffet is the zukan from the special set, it came with seviper and meowth, if you would like that one too, shipping will be the same so the total will be US$53. In any case, optinal, tracking number is available for US$3.20 but its optinal, thank you!
Ps: forgot to answer about the wobbu groundbreakers, sorry, i won't have it with original base, it's suuuuper hard to find this figures with original base :(

Edited at 2017-10-10 06:26 pm (UTC)

Hi hi!! I'm committed to these items:

Jolteon zukan piece
Sky shaymin tomy figures: pearly and battle pose
Articuno tomy old version with new colors
Sky shaymin bath salt figure
Articuno articulated figure

Shipped to 17022!!

hi! which is the old articuno tomy you want? the light blue on the left corner, i don't have it anymore, was sold sometime ago, but i do have the other one that is like pearl blue next to zapdos, let me know, the others will be US$65 or with the old articuno tomy US$68 either will be to
Also, let me know if you have a want list of looking for something in particular, thank you!!

Hello :3
Can I have a quote to Germany for the following items, please?

Pokedoll figure Mewtwo - 11$
Pokedoll figure Charizard - 17$
Minicot Charizard - 15$
Charizard Battle Colosseum - 49$
Mega Rayquaza rubber strap - 7$

Thank you!

I'd like to add this mewtwo keychain (9$) here

Pikapixel strap to spain?

hi! it will be US$18 shipped to spain, my paypal is
Si deseas otras cosas o hay algo que estes buscando me avisas para combinar el envio. Gracias!

Hi! Can I please have a quote for the following items sent to the UK, with tracking? Thanks very much! ^__^

Full Colour Stadium Figures without a base: Bulbasaur, Venusaur Standing Up, Wartortle $2.50 each (

Venusaur articulated figure $8.00 ( Could let me know how big this Venusaur figure is? I don't think I've ever come across it before, so I'm not sure!

Thanks very much for your help; have a great weekend! :)

hi, sorry for the delay, i got to check since i wasn't sure i had some of them, i have the stadium bulba and venusaur, but wartortle is gone, i do have a clear blue wartortle, the venusaur articulated was about same or a little bigger than the tomy, but was sold sometime ago too, sorry, i haven't actualized all the sales post, if you have a want list or looking for something specific, or from certain pokemons maybe i could help since i have more not posted :)


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