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non pokemon sales
Hello! some non pokemon sales:

shipping starts at $3.2 for all america continent, $3.5 for europe, always optional but recommended $3.2 aditional for tracking number, i'll gladly combine shipping,


  • Professor Layton figures 3 set: Luke, layton and flora, 2" high aprox, $20 for the set of 3 figures, in like new condition, actual picture of the figures you will recieve.

  • Alphonse elric Full metal alchemist medicom exclusive figure, articulated, little scratch on shoulder, 1 feet tall, in box US$140

  • One Piece 2 figures set: US$10 (crododile and luffy are sold), luffy with disguise US$5

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  • Evangelion Rei winter statue 9" tall US$22 (comes with box but box is not in good shape

  • Yokai watch Dx figures 8.5" tall US$29 each, small NIP figures 2.3" tall US$9 each


  • Lego minifigures series 1-7 new, with acceseries, stand, insert, bag was open but can be included if you want it:

dummy demolition $9., cheerleader $12, clown $16, sea diver $6, zombie $18, astronaut $8, witch $5, lion tamer $5, cop $4, racer $4, dracula $9, tennis $4, soccer $4 , hockey $6, gnome $4, ice skater $5, skater girl $4, butcher $4, poseidon $7, rock star girl $4, alien $5

For evangelion figures go here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Mr.PokemonStore/photos/?tab=album&album_id=354663694733460
Other animes here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Mr.PokemonStore/photos/?tab=album&album_id=311298079070022
Or trade, partial trade with my wants :)
Thank you!

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I'm committed for the 3 piece Professor Layton set to australia :D :D :D

hi! cool, shipping will be $6, for a total of $25 to alejandrolt20@gmail.com, with the figures you bought in the message, thank you!
And yeah, tfgs are great :)

Yay! i'll be home from work in, oh about 5- 6 hours? I can pay then :)

hi!! i'm so sorry, i just talked with my brother, since these are his figures ( i place them here to help him selling them) but there was a mistake with the price, he was selling them at that price each :S he can lower the price to $35 for the set of 3, and with shipping it will be $41, I'm reaaaaaaaaaaally SORRY, and totally understand if you don't want them anymore, let me know, so sorry again.

Ahh it's okay I understand, these things happen! :s Unfortunately for 3 figures that shuffles it out of my range :(
Have you posted about them to http://professorlayton.livejournal.com ? There's quite a few avid collectors on there :)

thanks for understanding and sorry again for the confusion :( also, thanks for that link! i didn't knew that exists :)

It's ok! I feel a bit bad myself, I've blown most of my money on pokemon so I have to be stingy :( I'll be sure to mention it around though :)

Ah crap I want most of them... I don't really have money to spend on stuff like this right now as I go on holiday next week for a fortnight, however! When I come back I'd be interested in:

Kid type figure
Phone one
The rocket boosting robot one
The colour robot one
The tinkering robot head one

In order that's 1, 7, 9, 12, 13

I kinda want more but I honestly have no idea how much all of that will come to :s so let's get a quote on that for now and ill work from there but I could go up/down on what I go for depending on the cost :) again, it'll be a month ish before I can purchase these, though if the price is good there's a chance I can put down a small deposit :)

Wait, recounted, it's 13,14 not 12,13... The last two xD

hi! cool, for those will be $60 ( $15 each and can include the kid for free :) ) as for shipping, i weight them and they fit exactly on the 250gr category, that will be $14-16, not exactly sure since the postal service web price chart is not working now, and paypal fees will be $3. If that sounds good, you can send a first payment so i can have them on hold for you, until you can send the rest :) if you like.
let me know :D

M'kay so what would the full total be? :) Also roughly what size are they? :)

good question, haha, i forgot about the sizes, the bases are aprox 3", and height goes 2.5"-4" depending on the figure.

The total will be $60 + $14+$3 = $77.00
you can send a first payment so i can have them on hold for you to alejandrolt20@gmail.com

Hmm, that's going to be a bit over budget for me right now, let's cut out the phone one, which would take it to about $62 ish? I'll have to think on it a bit more still too as by my standards this is a bit purchase :) Like I said before I wouldn't have the full funds until the end of October anyway, although that feels like forever away it's only really a month off now, eek!

hi, sure, then it will be $62, iffffff you think on it and decide you want them, you can send a first payment of $20 or $25 to alejandrolt20@gmail.com to hold them for you until end of october :) thanks!

Hi there! Are any of these zukan are still available ?

hi, yes, all are available, i also have pokemon zukans in my pokemon sales post here in my journal. thanks!

Hi there! May I please get a quote for the following Lego minifigures: racer 4$, poseidon 7$, rock star girl 4$ to Germany? :)

hi! sure, i can do US$19 for them shipped, it will be to alejandrolt20@gmail.com let me know! thanks!

Hi! Sorry for taking so long. I'm getting them for a friend, and that person took long to decide.
I would like to purchase the figures. I've just sent you the 19$.
Please let me know when you've shipped them out, thank you :)

hi! sorry for the delay, i usually ship fast but was super busy, i shipped your package today (friday) it will take between 2 to 4 or 5 weeks to arrive, hope you get it soon! thank you!!

No problem. The figures have arrived safely and I'm happy with everything. Thank you so much! :D

hi! thanks for letting me know, i just left you feedback too!

I'm committed to the dragon quest castle!!! What would be the total for shipping to 17601?

hi! its a little heavy, it will be US$16.65, you can add another small figure without increasing shipping if you like, if not, it will be to alejandrolt20@gmail.com and optional, if you want tracking number, it is available for US$3.20 more.
thank you!

That's fine! Payment sent, thank you! I added the extra for the tracking btw!

hi! i sent your package today, tracking number is RR233010545PE it will take between 2 to 4 weeks to arrive, sometimes a little more. hope you get it soon! thank you!

Hello chocobo,
I've sent you a question via PM just in case you don't see it.

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