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I am interested in the Butterfree zukan line. Are you expecting any more zukan to add to the sale list anytime soon?

hi, the only lines i have that are not listed are: feraligatr line US$30, torterra line US$55, darumaka line US$10, infernape line missing chimchar's peg US$28, arcanine line with green base US$120, seadra line with not original base US$68, lapras not original base US$170, reshiram overdrive US$13, arceus US$19, if you are looking for some loose pieces, i think i have a few not posted, let me know

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Quick question, do any of the Pokemon Time figure straps have a Heracross pattern bookmark? Thanks!

hi, i can take a look, there is only one pattern? the one with yellow background and a huge heracross in it, or there is other? but if any of them have it, i'll have to sell it with the strap, let me know! :)

Do you still have all the eeveelution phone straps? How much would it be for all of them, plus the Mew one and the mew with mewtwo mini figure? For some reason some of your pictures moved and it doesn't have the correct price listing below it.

Thanks! -chelle

hi! yes, the eeveelution strap set is available, it will be US$109 shipped to USA, if sent as gift, or with paypal fees it will be US$115.20 , did you mean the mew time strap? the name is crossed because it was sold, also the mewtwo and mew keychain, sorry.
After the suction cups pic, the prices moved above the picture :S will try to fix that later :) Btw, if you take the eeveelution straps, you can add more items without increasing the shipping cost since there is some weight free in that category :) if you are looking for other mew and mewtwo items or others, let me know, since i have more items that i haven't listed here :)

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let me know if you want it, thanks

Charizard Zukan Line

Hello from Russia after 1.5 years!
Charizard Zukan Line is still available?
How about ship it to Russia with tracking number?

Re: Charizard Zukan Line

hi! nope, charizard was sold, but i got another one, thats why its still for sale :) it will be US$177.50 if you can send the payment as gift (or have the option) or the normal way with paypal fees, it will be US$187 either will be to alejandrolt20@gmail.com
Let me know, thank you!

Hi! it will be US$16.5 to alejandrolt20@gmail.com Thank you!
just in case, i also have the moncolle plus lugia figure :)

Hi! Can I have a quote for the whimsicott pitapoke to 89074? Thank you!

hi! sure, if i send it out of box, it will be US$12.96, if i send it with the package, mip, in a mailer (package will be crushed a little on the way, but it will be the same price, and if i send it in the package in a box it will be US$15.50. If any of this is ok, it will be to alejandrolt20@gmail.com with the figure that you bought in the comment, let me know, thank you!!
btw, cool avatar pic :)

Hello, is the Kingdra line zukan still available? If so I would definitely be interested in purchasing, shipped to Washington DC. Thanks!

Re: Kingdra Line Zukan

Also interested in the Rhyhorn + Rhydon zukan.

Hi! Can I get quote for the chingling line zukan, luvdisc zukan, and lilligant pitapoke to 30519 please? Thanks!

Hi! sure, shipped in a mailer (lilli's package will get a little crushed on the way) it will be US$26.69 or in a box US$29.21 either will be to alejandrolt20@gmail.com and optional, tracking number is available for US$3.20 more. let me know, thank you!

Hi again! could I please get the ditto-saur to US 94521? :-)

hi, sure, it will be US$23.44 to alejandrolt20@gmail.com
If you are looking for other items to combine shipping, let me know!

hi mate, really nice items for sale, really impressed. I wanna buy single piece charmeleon for starters, what do I need to do?

Thx a lot:)

hi! sure, which country it be shipped to? And for payment, i accept paypal and western union, let me know! thanks!

Are u still selling any of them?;)

hi, yes, its all for sale

Hello! I happened to stumble upon your page while looking for a zukan lapras figure, and It seems you have one! Or so I hope. Do you still happen to have one in stock? Im extremely interested in purchasing one from you.

hello! yes, i have it :) would you like it with a base or no base? and where would it be shipped to give you a total, let me know, thank you!

Hi I was wondering if you stil had the munchlax suction cup :)?

hi, yes, i have it, let me know where would it be shipped to give you a total, also, if you are looking for other figures, or from certain pokemons, let me know.

Very interested in the following if they're still available:

Minccino Error Version $7
Octillery $9
Serperior $5
Froakie Frogadier Set $7

Parasect $3 (not minicot I think)

Would be shipping to 94112

hello! from those i have:
Octillery $9
Serperior $5
Froakie Frogadier Set $7
the others were sold, shipping will be US$4 and you can add another zukan piece or light figure, since there is space in that shipping category :)

Hey there im interested in the poochyena zukan with no base and clefiary suction cup to 46818

Also intetested in the cleffa figure and the divs is that 4 of them for 15?

(Screened comment)
Hi! I'd love to buy the Muk & grimer Zukan set if you still have it. To the US, 44130. Thank you so much!

hi, yes, i have them, it will be US$25.65 or if you want them with the original base, it will be US$30.95 , either option will be to my paypal, alejandrolt20@gmail.com and optional, if you want tracking number, its available for US$3.20 more, let me know, thank you!

Hey mate, I got my first package safe and sound, and now it's time for number 2 :) can you tell me the price for Charizard set and lickytung w/ base? again shipping to Turkey

hi! glad you got them, charizard line is US$149 and lickytung with base US$12, shipping will be US$.5.60 in a bubblemailer or US$7 in a box; So it will be US$176 shipped in a bubblemailer or US$177.50 in a box, and tracking is optional but recomended, for US$3.20 more on any of this options.


Would I be able to have a quote for the following Tomy 1.5-2" figures to the U.S.? Thank you!

New in Box
Flaaffy $10
Pineco $12
Tyrogue $12
Xatu $12
Ariados $13

Loose Figures
Jumpluff $11
Pupitar (Old) $12
Steelix $10
Elekid $13
Remoraid $12
Murkrow $12
Skiploom $12
Smeargle $12
Chinchou $12

Also Milktank $13 thanks!

a question about the shipping

so the price of tracking is added onto the initial ship cost correct?

Re: a question about the shipping

hi, yes, tracking is and added cost and its the same always, US$3.20 anywhere in the world, and its optional :)

Hallooo, are the following zukans still available?

heatran 1/40 $14
excadrill line US$9
hydreigon US$12
solrock lunatone set US$15
torkoal shiny US$10

hi, yes, all available, to europe i can round it US$70 shipped, and optional, if you want tracking number, it will be US$3.20 more, it will be to alejandrolt20@gmail.com let me know, thanks!


Could I have a quote for the Lapras Zukan, the good condition Venusaur Zukan, and the Lucario Zukan that is $5 to the US.

The one in this pic here:

And how much extra would be tracking? Thanks in advance =3

hi! would you like lapras with a green base? without base i can do US$200 shipped for them if the payment is sent as gift in case you want to save on paypal fees, or the normal way it will be US$211, Or lapras with base, will be US$220 as gift or US$232 the normal way. Tracking number is US$3.20 more on any of this options. My paypal is alejandrolt20@gmail.com
let me know, thank you!


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